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My name is Tom Molloy and I started this site about ten years ago to help hockey coaches around the world share ideas. Dennis Freed of Long Island had a site called hockeycoach.com which was a bulletin board and some drills etc. I contributed quite a bit of material and he asked me to have my own bulletin board which I did for about six years. Coaches from all over the hockey world discussed topics. I tried to make a website to post some video etc. and with very little website expertise. Dwight Trumbower who coaches goalies and had his children playing at the time volunteered to create a site for me with his computer expertise and all I had to do was put in material. Dwight was a regular on hockeycoach.com.

He built the site and I contributed lots of drills and video and it worked hand in hand with the hockeycoach site. Dennis sold the site to a former NHL player who tried to keep it up but ended up selling it to some businessmen who have totally lost the vision that Dennis had. Hockeycoach.com now is simply a commercial venture.

Hackers destroyed the site Dwight made and I had put in hundreds of hours building up, so Dwight made this new site which is more secure.

Who am I hockey wise??

I played outdoor hockey in Calgary as a kid and then played Jr. A, I then went to Bemidji State and played there and after college played on year for a living in Iowa. I came back to Calgary in 74 and have coached ever since.

Who have I coached. I have coached university and college men for 12 years, 9 as assistant and 3 as head. College women for 5 years as head coach. I coached my son's teams from age 6 to 16.

In summers I have done hockey school all over the world. i.e. Norway, Finland, Austria, Mexico, USA and a lot in Canada. I have been a guest coach for pro teams in Finland and Korea. Also coached Korean teams for 6 summers who came to Calgary to train 96 hrs on the ice at a time.

I have also done various summer teams. Last year I was in Salzburg, Austria working for the Red Bull organization as a skill coach with the pro and youth teams and head coach of the U17 team. This year I am coaching a women's team that consists of former national team, college and university players.

I taught PE for 29 years and have 3 Education degrees. Juhani Wahlsten and IIHF Hall of Fame Finnish player and coach and I have co-authored two coaching manuals which are the basis of the Austrian development program.

This site is designed to help coaches and I hope we can get discussions going like we had on hockeycoach.com.Idea

'The Game is the Greatest Coach'
'Enjoy the Game'
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Tom, I know I speak for many others when I say thanks for all the work you have done on both this site and the previous one. There is a ton of information on this site for a coach of any level. Thanks again.


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this is, without question, my favorite hockey website. as a coach with fairly ambitious plans, the ABC's has become my most reliable resource. if I do make it to the upper levels this web page will have much to do with it. Many thanks, Tom Molloy. No matter what happens in my future, you have been an incredible teacher and a respected supporter of those efforts.

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