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Tom, I watched a AAA game last night and I remember watching a Kootenay Ice game once where this was done very well. Many teams do this better than others too (NHL down thru Jr. and college).

Basic premise is to allow entry to the NZ but NOT to allow the puck carrier to get past the red line thus forcing a dump in, turnover and eventual transition.

Any ideas for drills to use OR is this just best done on the board and/or in the dressing room as a "pre-game" discussion topic.

Promotes aggressiveness in the NZ, good (proper) D gap control, etc.

Maybe you have some key points as to how "set this up" for the puck carrying team, proper positioning for the F's and/or D that's doing the pressuring in the NZ or other tidbit?

Thanx as always Tom.

Hopefully the site is working out well for you and the other coaches.

Take care.

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CoachP7 I think you are talking about a 1-1-2 Trap. We practiced it last night first with the offensive team stationary and had the puck moved where I said and the forecheck react. We then dumped the puck in and went live x 3 for each line. Then we played 5-5 full ice to practice it.

We only have 2 lines next weekend so I have introduced the trap. It is on the U of C playbook.

To practice the strong side F up against the D we follow the same method.

ps. my son is in the next room singing along with Rock Band on his xbox. Now I wish I had invested more money in singing lessons and less on ice time.

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