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I have added some drills from Europe to the drill section. To open them click on Videos above. They play on the windows media player and I think quicktime as well. Idea

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Thanks Tom, good stuff. Love the NZone B600
That would be a good team warm up

Love the rink too! Any more drills to post in the pipeline? Love them. I really enjoy knowing and watching a high level practice. Its nice to compare

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Hey Tom,

Still checking into your great web site. I do thank you for your tremendous efforts to help all the coaches from all over the world.


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In the TPS Passing and Shooting Warm up video you mention a coach. I cant spell his name. Urcinov (sp?).
I like that drill and wanted to know who that coach was you were talking about

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It is probably Vladimir Jursinov who is a famous Russian coach and in the IIHF hall of fame. He was Tikonov's asst in the Soviet era and he was head coach of Moscow Dynamo, TPS, 1998 Russian Olypic team etc.

He now works as a guest skills coach for various organizations including the Salzburg Red Bulls where he comes in to do skill sessions one week per month.

He does a puck handling practice that I videoed and put in the puckhandling video section as well as a skating video with a game of backward tag.

He has sent about 65 players to the NHL from his teams.

Many consider him the top skills coach in the world.

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Thanks, great info. I'm going to do some reseach on him and see if I can read articles.
I would love to learn more about this style

I asked his name because I'm naming a drill after him. So I'll say his name an team will know what drill it is. Then hopefully someone will ask me about him

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Some spell his name Yursinov. I have done a few clinics with him and Juhani Wahlsten in Finland. He had me as a guest coach once when he was coaching TPS. He is very good and very funny.

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