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Mike Hartman has restarted and he has a very good player or coach assessment tool. There is also a coach forum to ask further questions. Mike asked me to be one of his resource coaches.

I think it is a very good tool and some pro teams are now using it to help their players. I have pasted an outline of the program below.

What is a Hockey Coach Assessment

You are a unique individual and many aspects make up your “personality”. The foundation of YOU in your hockey role is made up of your values of yourself and the world around you. In this hockey assessment we look specifically at your understanding and feelings about the hockey world around you (The Hockey World View) and yourself (Hockey Self View) from a hockey perspective. Together this will show YOU insights into WHY you do the things you do in hockey, HOW you go about doing them and WHAT you can do when you are fully engaged in playing hockey.

For ages 13 and up, a Hockey Coach Assessment will have you focusing on the little things and details to help you establish your strengths in 27 areas of competency:


• Understanding what it takes to win in Hockey

• Emotional Game Control

• Understanding Teammates and Coaches

• Interpersonal Harmony

• Interpersonal Conflict

• Understanding Player Performance

• Attitude toward Team Success

• Attitude toward Team Challenges and Problems

• Understanding Discipline, Rules, & the Game Plan

• Attitude toward Coaching and Respect for Authority

• Attitude toward Breakdowns

• Motivation to DO what it takes to win

• Emotional Self Control

• Intuitive Awareness of Self Worth

• Insight into Personal Hockey Potential

• Attitude toward Personal Hockey Problems

• My Hockey Role, Position & Performance

• Attitude toward Playing Big

• Attitude toward Performance Problems

• Maintaining a Winning Mindset

• Mental Toughness & Drive to Win

• Attitude toward Personal Setbacks

• Decision-making Ability

• Intuition

• Concentration

• Stress –Tension Indicator

• Stress –Resistance

'The Game is the Greatest Coach'
'Enjoy the Game'


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By: TomM (offline)  Monday, December 10 2012 @ 03:25 PM GMT  

I have posted about 100 drills from this site at

If you go to the homepage and scroll down to hockey drills and click on it they are listed by title, which makes it easy to find them. Todd Elick, an ex NHL player has also posted about 5 drills.

'The Game is the Greatest Coach'
'Enjoy the Game'


Registered:: 06/25/08

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