By: TomM (offline)  Saturday, December 02 2017 @ 06:26 PM GMT  

D100 - Two Touch Batchko - U18 F - Wally Kozak

Key Points:

Game where the players are not allowed to handle the puck. Player must skate to open ice with the puck and teammates have to get open for a pass and give close support. Players must have loose shoulders to control the puck on either the backhand or forehand side of the stick. Players must protect the puck with their body. The game is the greatest coach.


1. Play full ice with teams of 3-3 up to half the team on each side.
2. Players can only touch the puck twice.
3. First touch is when they take a pass.
4. Second pass is when they make a pass or take a shot.
5. Coach blow the whistle if there is more touches and the other team gets the puck.
6. Play a game and keep score.
7. After a goal the scoring team must tag up at the red line before they can forecheck.

* This is a game played all the time in Czech Republic and all over Europe.

* This is a core game to practice puck support and puck protection.

* Batchko is great for any level from kid’s to pro and can also be a SAG.

* Enjoy the Game.

'The Game is the Greatest Coach'
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By: TomM (offline)  Sunday, December 03 2017 @ 04:51 PM GMT  

D - Get Open - Keepaway With Offensive Joker - U18 F – Wally Kozak

Key Points:

Puck carrier must use escape moves to create time and space and teammates must skate to get open so no one is blocking the passing lane. Give a target and keep the stick square to the puck to catch the pass. Stop them to teach correct technique.


1. Play keepaway in an area of the ice and each game has one Joker who is always on offense.
2. Earn one point for making 5 consecutive passes and keep score.
3. This example has one game of 3-3 + 1 and the other 4-4 + 1 at one end and neutral zone.
4. Great activity to practice puck support and goalie practice.
5. Introduce modified rules such as Botchko, only backhand passes, only forehand, must make and escape move, one touch, saucer passes, only skate backwards, etc..
6. I used a green pinnie that is easy to put on and take off.

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By: TomM (offline)  Tuesday, December 05 2017 @ 04:23 PM GMT  

A200 - Ovechkin Moves to Score - RB U17-20

I watched highlights of Ovechkin scoring two goals the other night and the moves he used are right out of this sequence he learned from his former coach in Russia. The first goal he faked a shot then pushed the puck outside the defenders shin pads on his forehand, shot and scored. Next goal he did the same but added pull across and slide backwards - shoot - Score.
Vladimir Jursinov has developed over 65 players who moved on to the NHL. He coached Moscow Dynamo during the Soviet era and was assistant to Tikonov when they dominated the Olympics and World Championships. In 98 the first time NHLer’s played in the Olympics the Russian players who were in the NHL insisted he be the head coach for the Olympic team or they wouldn’t play. He has coached other Olympics since.

This is a 1-1 sequence that gives options to score.

I was lucky enough to coach with Jursi in Austria and took video so I would remember what he did.

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By: TomM (offline)  Wednesday, December 06 2017 @ 06:43 PM GMT  

T2 – 2-0, 2-1 Scoring Sequence– Wally Kozak – U18 F
Key Points:
Use all of the options. Shoot to score, shoot for a rebound, one pass, two passes and learn to be a threat. Make the first pass early so there is a second play. Shoot to score and follow the shot for a rebound. Player without the puck go hard to the net and give a target with the stick. Both players stop at the net.
Key Points:
1. Shoot for Rebound – two players leave from the middle, skate hard to the net with the puck and shoot low to the far pad for a rebound. The second player go hard to the net for a rebound with stick on the ice and controlled skating. Start shooting at one end and then shoot at both ends.
2. Play Poker with the Goalie. Players can now either shoot or pass.
3. Early Pass then Poker. Pass high in the slot and then play poker with the goalie and either shoot or make a second pass.
4. Add a defender and play 2-1. The last attacker out of the zone defend vs. the next two attackers.

Wally Kozak's Youtube hockey link.

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By: TomM (offline)  Friday, December 08 2017 @ 10:51 PM GMT  

T2 - Breakout Sequence - Wally Kozak - U18 F

Key Points:

Defense make a deception escape move to beat the forechecker and face up ice. Skate hard and pass while skating.

1. Begin with a stop and start skating progression where you face the puck with no cross-over but load on the back inside edge and push forwards with the stick as a target.
2. Goalies make a breakout pass to each side. All the skaters go deep in the corner and pivot for a pass from each corner.
3. First player carry the puck and make a fake inside turn outside, skate hard and make a pass to the second player skating up to boards. Pass to the goalie, open pivot and get a return pass. Progress to forward pass to the goalie who passes to the defense.
4. Three leave, one defense, two wing, three centre. Centre support low and slow from behind and below the wing. Goalies move to the red line and exchange passes. Add pass back to D who passes to the other forward.
5. Four leave and the fourth player is a forechecker. Checker cover either the wing or centre and defense read the passing option or pressure the puck carrier.
6. Attack 3-1 backchecker and score at the other end.
7. Pass to Goalie. Goalie Set up Puck. Breakout 3-0. Attack 3-0. Defense start at the blue line and forward shoot the puck on net. Goalie set it up and breakout and attack 3-0. Defense skate backward, pivot forward, shoulder check. Defense make an escape move to beat the checker, skate hard up ice and pass to a forward. 3-0 attack with speed. D join the attack. (I fixed the video so the title only comes on once.

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By: TomM (offline)  Sunday, December 10 2017 @ 05:18 PM GMT  

B202 - Saucer Pass - U18 F

Key Points:

Roll the puck from the heel of the stick to the middle with the hands away from the body in a motion similar to throwing a frizbee. Follow through at the target. Do the same motion on the backhand.


1. Partners line up opposite each other on the blue line.
2. Start with stationary passing and focus on the mechanics of the saucer pass.
3. Pass with a target and practice landing the puck on the red line.
4. Practice both forehand and backhand saucer passes.
5. Progress to skating back to the top of the circle, forward and pass from the blue.
6. Add pivots and fakes.
7. Have contests on how many land on the red line.

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By: TomM (offline)  Sunday, December 10 2017 @ 05:21 PM GMT  

T1 - Scoring Stations - U18 F

Key Points:

Shoot while skating. Hit the net. Use deception to get the shot through.


1. Defense skate and get a puck on the boards, skate inside the dot and shoot x 3. Do this on both sides.
2. D1 skate out and pass to D2 at point, then go out to block the shot. D2 make deceptive moves to get the shot on net and miss the blocker.
3. F1 leave from behind the red line at a coach or other player. Skate to the inside and wait for defender to collapse to protect the middle. Skate outside, build a wall with the leg and body and puck on outside. Cut in and shoot.
4. Scissors. F1 skate up the boards with a puck. D1 read F1 is above the hash and shouldn’t pass to the point and skate down the wall. F1 leave room for D1 to skate down the boards and pass to D1. D1 go to the net and F1 cycle high for a pass.

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By: TomM (offline)  Tuesday, December 12 2017 @ 02:31 AM GMT  

Wally Kozak Skill and Team Play Regressions and Progressions

Wally comes out to one practice a week and really focuses on the DETAILS of the game. His regressions take the players back to how players ‘should have’ learned to do the skills or play the game. This is a list of some of the things he has taught my players. There are Twitter links with a diagram and links to the posting on

T2 - Breakout Sequence - Wally Kozak - U18 F

T2 – 2-0, 2-1 Scoring Sequence– Wally Kozak – U18 F

D - Get Open - Keepaway With Offensive Joker - U18 F – Wally Kozak

D100 - Two Touch Batchko - U18 F - Wally Kozak

T2-4 - D400 3-2 – Wally Kozak - U18 F

A - Skating and Playing With Speed - Wally Kozak - U18 F

Defensive Skating Progression–Wally Kozak

T3-B6 - 1-1 Two Crossovers - Wally Kozak - U18 F

T3 – Defensive 1-1 Sequence – Wally Kozak – U18 F

B600 - Continuous 2-2 Regroup – Tomas (Tomas Pacina drill from Wally)

Practice to develop power play skills. Lots of ideas from Wally Kozak.

T3-4 - Johnson 1-1 to 3-3 – U18 F – Wally Kozak

T2 - Bob Johnson 10 Second Power Play Game – Wally Kozak

T3-4 King-Kozak Defensive Zone

D4 Active Jokers at Point Must Shoot-U15 Boy’s – Wally kozak

T1 - DT400 – 3-0, 3-1, 4-2 Puck Support Sequence – U15 Boy’s – Wally Kozak

T2 - Reading Middle Drive Options – Wally Kozak

T1 - DT400 – 3-0, 3-1, 4-2 Puck Support Sequence – U15 Boy’s

Teaching Team Defense

D200 Multiple Puck Games

D200 - 2-2 Shooting Jokers Behind Goals - U18 F - Wally Kozak

YouTube Coaching clips by Wally Kozak

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By: TomM (offline)  Tuesday, December 12 2017 @ 05:02 PM GMT  

T2 Take the Ice Behind to Create 2-1's

One of my friends who played against Gretzky a lot said it was especially difficult because him and Kurri would work together. Kurri would have the puck on the outside and skate inside just before the blue line. Gretzky would pick up the puck and reach over the blue line with it creating a situation where the first one over the blue line did not have the puck, this made the read different for the defender. The left winger would go hard to the net and Kurri would be a second wave opening up for a one timer. Gretzky faced the play in the triple threat position and had the options on the forehand to:

1. Go to the net.
2. Pass to the left winger.
3. Pass to Kurri for a one timer.
4. Pass to Coffey coming in from the point.
5. Pass to the strong side D.

It worked pretty good for all of them.

T2 Take the Ice Behind to Create 2-1's – Pro

Key Points:

When the defenders are using a contain forecheck and are ahead of the puck you cannot beat them skating in straight lines. You must continually isolate the wide player and create 2 on 1 situations. Support by taking the ice behind the puck carrier.


1. Practice with a 2 on 2 situation and isolate a defender by crossing.
a. Cross drop and #1 screen weak side D.
b. Cross, drop 1 to net, 2 wide.
c. Cross and fake drop. 1 through middle 2 go to the net.
Create 3 on 3 situations in drills and games.
d. #’s 2 and 3 go hard to the net.
e. #1 go to the middle and shoot or pass.

* Other options are another cross behind or pass back to the 4th and 5th supporting attackers. Important is to change the speed and angle of the attack and force defensive decisions like switch or stay man to man.

This video example is from Swedish and Czech pro games where they constantly change the flow of the play and create 2-1's. If the defenders are in good position in front of you then a direct attack is not effective but you have to cause them to make decisions on 'switch or not' change the speed of the attack to create gaps and switch lanes to make it more difficult to 'read the play.'

Video examples of taking the ‘Big Ice’ by skating between the dots and the player in the middle goes outside and ‘Takes the Ice Behind.’

Examples from Pro team practices.

T2 - B6 - 2-0 Skate to Big Ice-X and Drop-Shoot - Pro

T2 - B6 - 2-0-Gain Zone-X and Drop - Pro

T2-B600 Isolate Wide D on 2-2 - Pro

C3 2 on 2 with Regroup – RB Pro

C3-C6 Point Shot 2-2 – Pro

C600 2-0 to 2-2 - Pro

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By: TomM (offline)  Saturday, December 16 2017 @ 04:04 PM GMT  

DT200 - 2-2 to 2-0 - 2-2 – Pro

Key Points:

Protect the puck and go to the net and use give and goes, screens, picks on offense. Play tight gaps with body on body and stick on the puck from the net side and communicate playing man on man or switch on defense. Keep score and play to a score or time limit. Modified rules can be added. Various situations can be created by playing 3-3 or uneven situations like 2 on 3.


1. Play cross ice with the extra players waiting at the blue line and coach has pucks to keep play going.
2. Nets can either be against the boards or out far enough for players to go behind the net.
3. Divide the ice in half with paint or the coach is in the middle at the blue line as a guide.
4. Play 2-2 at one end with 2 players from the defensive team waiting to attack at the other end.
5. Defenders pass the puck to up teammates who attack the other net.
6. Original attackers back track and play defense vs. the new attackers.
7. Coach pass to the offensive team after a goal.
8. New defenders come in after the breakout pass is made.

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By: TomM (offline)  Tuesday, December 19 2017 @ 06:20 PM GMT  

C2 - 1-1, 2-2 Loose Puck Battles - Wally Kozak - U18 F

Key Points:

Battle for loose pucks. Fire in a new puck as soon as the battle is over. Start with one end and then go both ends at once. Keep score. Stop the battles and ask what can be done better and give input to improve performance. Check closely and pressure the puck carriers hips. Can be played 1-1 to 5-5 with even or odd numbered teams depending on how many players are practicing.


1. Players line up on the red line.
2. Red one side and black the other side.
3. Battle for pucks with good angles, body position, protect the puck.
4. Coach shoot a puck in and a player from each colour race for the puck.
5. Start with 1-1.
6. Player that wins the battle must breakout over the blue line then turn back to attack.
7. Battle happens at both ends.
8. When the rush ends players return to the lineup and a new puck is shot in at either end.
9. Play 2 on 2.
10. 2-2 has all 4 game playing roles. 1-puck carrier, 2-offesive support, 3-closest checker, 4-defend away from the puck.
11. Start at one end to demonstrate and then go both ends at once.

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By: TomM (offline)  Saturday, December 23 2017 @ 05:42 PM GMT  

T3 – Defensemen Skating One– Wally Kozak – U18 F

Key Points:

When defending the player needs to eliminate unneeded cross-over’s and extra steps. The toe caps must face the puck carrier so the defender is able to skate and turn left-right-back-forward to maintain a tight gap and the defensive side. This skill is important for all the player including forwards.


1. Defensemen work with the coach at one end of the rink.
2. Skate forward then do a one foot stop and load with the other leg.
3. Push with the back leg and stride with the front leg without a cross-over.
4. Do two short reps facing one way using this load a fire technique.
5. Introduce the one foot and two foot controlled skating.
6. Alternate right skate, left skate, two skate control skating on coaches signal.
7. Full speed and stop on coach command, right, left, both.
8. Skate forward, one foot stop then backward without crossing over.
9. Skate forward, one foot slide, forward again then backward.
10. Skate forward to backward using a one foot stop and stride only – both ways.
11. Alternate skating forward to backward using the right then the left foot pivot.
12. Go full speed x 2 from the red to blue and back to red line.

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By: TomM (offline)  Sunday, December 24 2017 @ 01:26 AM GMT  

B – Partner and Team Drills vs. No Opposition

B - Sweep Pass – Sw

B - Sweep Pass 2 – Sw

B - Quick Passing – Sw

B - Backhand Passing – Sw

B - Snap Pass – Sw

B - Skill Warm-up Circuit – Pro

B – Warm-up Drill Routine – Pro

B - Flip Pass – Sw

B - Board Pass – Sw

B300 One Touch Warm-up - Slovakia U20

B2 - 2 on 1 Pass in Front of Toes - Pro

B2 - Static Fakes - Give-Go-Give-Shoot – Pro

B2 Pass x 3 Shoot U22

B2 - Defense One Timer Shots x 4 – Sw

B Warm-up Circuit F Pass D Shoot Goalie Technique - Czech U20

B2 - D Walk Line-Switch D to D One Timer - Russian U20

B2 - Slapshot and One Timer Circuit

B2 - D to D Options x 4 - Point Shots - U17

B2 - Skate and Shoot vs Backchecker Russian U20

B2 - One Timers and Crease Shots - U18

B2 - Shot-Pass-Shot x 3 x 2 x 2 – Pro

B2-B6 - F1-D1-F2 - Point Shot – Pro

B3 - Passing Skills Routine - U17

B3 - One Timer-5 Spots - Czech U20

B3 Partner Passing Technique - Finnish U20

B3 Partner Passing – U15

B3-D2 Partner Pass - Keepaway - 1-1 Game - U18F

B4 - One Timer-BO 2-0 Wide Entry - U20

B4 - D Pass x 3 Point Shot – Pro

B4 - RG-D to W Shot-Point Shot - 2-0 - 3-0 - U17

B4 and B6 Pass and Replace – RB Pro

B4-B6 - RG - 3-0 - 2F-1D - U17

B4-B600 BO Routine x 3 x 2 U17

B4-B6 Breakout 3-0, Point Shot – Pro

B4-B6 - D Quick up to W – Pro

B4-B6 - Regroup x 4 – 1-0, 2-0 – Pro

B4-B600 - RG 1-0 x 2 x 2 - C U18F

B4-B600 - BO 2-0-Point Shot x 2 - Sw F

B6-B600 – 2-0 Cross and Drop – Random Multiple Passes – Pro

B4-B600 - Neutral Zone Pass x 2 – Shot - U18 F

B5 - Breakout x 2 Regroup - 3 Shots - Pro

B5 - Angling Along the Boards – Sw

B5 - Shot Block x 3 - U17 and Sweden

B5 - D Alternating Point Shots - Russian U20

B5 - Breakout Reps - Czech U20

B5 - D to D Hinges - U17

B6 - Jursi 2-0 Skate and Pass x 2 - No Shot - U17

B6 - 2-0 Wide and Middle Lane x 2 - Czech U20

B6 - One Touch High Cycle 2-0 - Czech U20

B6 - Fake-Get Puck-Tight Turn-Shoot - U17

B6 3-0 Weave-Regroup at Far End – U17

B6 - 2-0 Touch Back – Pro

B6 - BO Options - F Shot-D Shot – Pro

B6 - 3 Lane Shots - Long Pass Back – Pro

B6 High Cycle - Screen - Slot Shot – Pro

B6 - Shot 1-0, 2-0 to 3-0 – Pro

B6 - F and D Agility-BO-Point Shot x 2 – Pro

B6 Breakout 3-0 Point Shot x 2 – Pro

B6 Regroup-Breakout-2-0 x 2 – Pro

B6 - Shot x 3 Passes x 3 Shots x 3 – Pro

B6 Swedish Puck Exchange – U18F

B6 Italian Box-One Touch 2-0 - Pro

B6 3-0 With Multiple Pucks

B6 – Wide and Middle x 2 – Pro

B6 - 2-0 Wide Passes – Pro

B6 1-0 Pass to Middle x 2- Pro

B6 1-0 x 2 – Pro

B6 - 1 High 1 x 2 Low Shooting – Pro
Skating Forward
Agility Skating

B6 Breakout x 2 Point Shot – Pro

B6 Shooting from 3 Lanes - Pro

B6 3-0 Rush and Entry – Pro

B6-B600 - One Touch 2-0 and Shot Routine - Czech U20

B6 - 2-0 Chip Out-Chip In -Shoot - Czech U20

B6 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 Small Horseshoe – MRU

B6 - 2 Passes x 2 Timing and Shots - U18 F

B6 - 1 High 1 Low Shooting x 2 – Pro

B6 – 2-0 Regroup 3-0 Middle Lane Drive – Pro

B6 - 2-0 Pass to Corners or Moving Player – Finland Pro

B6 - 3-0 Middle Drive - 5-0 RG Sequence – Pro

B6 - Big Horseshoe 2-0 – Pro

B6 – 3 Shots, 3 Zig-zags, 3 Shots – U17-20 RB

B6 - 2 Cross and Drop - Regroup - 3-0 – Pro

B6-600 – F-D Agility-Stretch Pass-Point Shot – Pro

B6 - 2-0 - Regroup - 2-0 x 2 – Pro

B6 Shoot from Three Lanes

B6 - 3 Pass-3-Shots-Agility Skate-3 Shots - U18 F

B8 - Regroup x 3 and 5 Shots - U18

B200 - Regroup 5-0 Middle Drive – Detroit

B202 - Passing in 4 Groups - Czech U20

B202 - Chaos and Goalie Warm-up - C U18 F

B202 – Regroup Options x 2 - Shot - U17

B202 Low-Wide-Middle to Low-Middle-Wide - Pro

B202 1-0, 2-0 With Chip – Pro

B202 – Shoot –Breakout - Pass Wide - Shoot x 2 – Pro

This is the same drill but it starts with a coach pass to the shooter.

B202 Chaos Passing - Kazakstan Women

B202 - Regroup 1-0, 2-0 Pass Options – Pro

B202 Nzone Regroup 1-0 and 2-0 - Pro move to passing

B202 Pass to All Players – U18F

B202 - 3 on 0 Neutral Zone Passes - Pro

B202 Luhowy Puckhandling and Passing Circuit – U22F

B202 Warm-up - Finland Pro

B202 - Nzone Regroup 1-0 - Czech U20

B202 - Across and Middle x 2 - U17

B202 - Circle and Shoot 1-0 x 2 x 2 - Czech U20

B202 - Regroup Progression 1-0 - 2-0 - U17

B202 - Luhowy Passing - U17

B202 Nzone Regroup 1-0 and 2-0 - RB Pro

B300 - Pass and Keepaway - U18 G

B300 - One Touch Monkey in the Middle - Finland U20

B300 Monkey in the Middle vs 1 and 2 - Russian U20

B300 Optional Practice Skills – Finnish U20

B300 Three Player Around the Clock- U18F

B300 Tschumi Around the Clock One Touch Passing – U18F

B500 - Partner Wrist Passes - Czech U17

B500 3 Spoke Passing - Czech U17

B500 - Receiving Passes with Hand, Body, Skate – Sw

B500 - 360 Degree Passing – Sw

B500 Passing Technique from Swedish Coach

B500 One Touch Passing Drill with 3 players

B500 Passing Technique – Finland Pro

B500 Reijo Passing Routine

B500 Angling and Escapes

B500 - Datsyuk Group Puck Protection

B500 One Touch and Face the Puck Passing – Finland

B600 - 2-0 Exchange Puck-Shoot x 2 – RB

B600 - Exchange Puck and Cross Pass – RB

B600 - Shot x 2-One Touch x 2 - Stretch Pass x 2 - U20

B600 - 5-0 RG - 1-0 x 3 - 5-0 Point Shots x 2 - Czech U20

B600 2 x One Touch and Stretch Pass - Pro W

B600 - RG x 2 with Point Shots - Pro W

B600 - Double RG - 1-0 x 2 - Czech U20

B600 - Red-Blue-Red-Blue-Pass-Shoot - Czech U20

B600 Regroup Passing Drills - Slovakia U20 -2

B600 Cross Pass x 2 - Pro

B600 Regroup-Wall support-Shoot x 2

B600 Give Go Shoot x 2 – Pro

B600 Give and Go x 3 x 2 - Shoot – Pro

B600 2-0 Random Pass to Lines – Pro

B600 Pass-Across-Across-Stretch x 2 – Shoot

B600 Regroup x 2 x 2 – Pro

B600 - Regroup with D 2-0 x 2 – Detroit

B600 Up-Back-Cross Pass x - Pro

B500 - Puck Battles 1-1- Pro

B500 Point Shots and One Timers – Finland

B600 – Stretch Pass-Shot Flow x 2 – U18 F

B600 - Continuous 2-2 Regroup – Tomas

B600 - 2F RG 1D - 3-0 Middle Drive with D – Pro

B600 - Pass Across 2-0 x 2 - 3-0 - Pro W

B600 - Double RG - 1-0 x 2 - Czech U20

B600 - One Touch x 2 Circle-Pass-Shoot - Russian U20

B600 - Double RG-2-0-Chip In - Czech U20

B600 - Multiple One Touch Passes – Pro

B600 - Give and Go x 2 - Sw F

B600 - 1-0 Regroup x 2 – Pro

B600 Wall Support 1-0 x 2 – Pro

B600 - Regroup - Delay - D Jump In x 2 – Pro

B600 D Regroup x 2 Point Shot - Pro W

B600 - Multiple One Touch Passes – Pro

B600 - Multiple One Touch Passes 1-1 x 2 – U18 F

B600 Cross-Drop-Pass 2-0 – Pro

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By: TomM (offline)  Tuesday, January 09 2018 @ 05:21 PM GMT  

Vladimir Jursinov - Big Moves

Jursi was the assistant coach for Tikonov with the great Soviet teams. The Russian players insisted he be the coach for the 1998 Olympic team or they wouldn't play. It was the first time NHL players participated in the Olympics. He has coached another Olympic team since, I think 2006. Jursi came one week a month to do skills and mentor the coaches when I was working for the Red Bulls in the 2008-09 season.

In these drills the focus in on big moves, hard fakes and handling the puck all around the body. Yashin is in a lot of the video and this is when he was MVP in the NHL and captain of Russia. Koivu is the player in green where him and Yashin are demonstrating the skills.

Vladimir Jursinov Skills 1

Vladimir Jursinov Skills 2

Vladimir Jursinov Skills 3

Vladimir Jursinov Skills 4

A200 Russian Olympic Coach Teaches Puck Handling - This is a video I too when Jursi was in Salzburg working with my U17-U20 morning skills groups.

One pdf has Yashin demonstrating at a hockey school run by Juhani Wahlsten and Jursinov and the other outlines the various moves you can do.

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By: TomM (offline)  Friday, January 12 2018 @ 03:26 PM GMT  

DT100 Continuous 2-1 to 3-3 and 2-2 to 4-4 With Tag-up – U18 F

Key Points:

Defenders collapse low in the zone. Create 2 on 1's by attacking the widest defender on the 2-2 rush and use crosses, drops and picks. Add competition by keeping score and timing the game or play to a certain score like first team to 3 goals.


1. Extra forwards and defense line up on the sides in the neutral zone.
2. Start with a 2 on 1 attack Blue F1 and F2 vs Red D1.
3. When the puck crosses red line red F1 and F2 tag up at far blue and backcheck.
4. Blue D1 support rush from the point.
5. Play 3-3 at each end. New players go the other way.

* In the 2-2 to 4-4 game two defending forwards tag up and backtrack between the dots to the mid slot and then cover the points. D1 and D2 play low against F1 and F2.

* You can play this transition game from 1-1 to 3-2, i.e. 1-1 gives a 2-2 at each end, 3-2 gives a 5-5.

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By: TomM (offline)  Tuesday, January 16 2018 @ 05:46 PM GMT  

T1-T3 - Battle to the Dot - U18 F

Key Points:

Puck carrier must protect the puck and use fakes and deceptive skating to get to the dot. Defender must use defensive skating skills keeping the toe caps facing the attacker, hands down and block the attacker.


1. Attacker carries a puck and defender has no stick with hands close to chest to block attacker.
2. Start at one circle to demonstrate and then use multiple circles with a coach at each one.
3. Go for 10-15” and switch competitors.
4. Goalies also participate.
5. Break the team into small groups and do the same drill in multiple circles.

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By: TomM (offline)  Thursday, January 18 2018 @ 07:00 PM GMT  

DT400 - 3-3 Pearn - U18 F

Key Points:

Great transition game to practice offensive and defensive 3-3 or any other numerical situation. Defend from the net side; closest on puck carrier, second closest one stick length away, third closest halfway. Defenders indentify who you cover early. Create 2-1’s on offense and fight for the inside position. Attackers pass behind to the other side to spread the defense and create seams. Dump-ins can be added to work on the forecheck and breakout. This game can be played in situations 1-1 to 5-5.


1. Players line up behind the red line.
2. Defenders allow the attackers to pass and start the new attack in the neutral zone.
3. Start with 3 reds attacking vs. 3 blacks.
4. On a goal, frozen puck or turnover the defenders must carry the puck over the blue line.
5. Black defenders pass to team-mates waiting at the red line.
6. Original attacking reds now defend inside the offensive zone.
7. This game can be done at one or both ends.
8. Blacks must get onside before the new attackers can cross the blue line or reds get the puck.

*Keep score and have tournaments with 4 teams and a game at each end.

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By: TomM (offline)  Saturday, January 20 2018 @ 03:11 AM GMT  

C6 – Pardy’s 1-1 to 3-2 – Wally - U18 F

Key Points:

Attack with speed and defend with tight gaps. Add regroups. Vary the number of attackers and defenders.


1. Attackers and defenders are in corners at each end.
2. F1 skate across the top of the circle and get a pass from D2 who follows.
3. D1 defend the 1-1 attack.
4. F2 leave from the other end when the original attack passes the top of the circle.
5. F2 get a pass from D3 and attack vs. D1and D3 follow the attack.
6. Two or three forwards can attack vs. one or two defenders.
7. Add F2 regroup with D3 in the neutral zone.
8. Another variation is regroup only if the coach blows a whistle.
9. Possible situations, 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2.

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By: TomM (offline)  Saturday, January 20 2018 @ 04:35 PM GMT  

D200 - 2-2 Jokers Behind Each Net - U18 F

Key Points:

This is a Small Area Game where the players must pass to a Joker behind either net to go onto offense. There is constant transition in game playing situation; loose puck, offense, defense and game playing roles; puck carrier, puck support, closest checker, cover away from the puck.


1. Play 2-2 with a Joker from each team behind each net.
2. You must pass to either Joker before you can score.
3. Jokers can shoot, pass to a player or to the other Joker.
4. If there are extra players rotate to Joker, Player, Rest.
5. You can play from 1-1 to 5-5.
6. Option is half the players play and half are Jokers and each has a partner who they rotate on their own with.
7. Modified rules like only 2” with the puck or goals must be on One Timer Shots are a good way to practice game playing skills.

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By: TomM (offline)  Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 04:15 PM GMT  

DT400 - 3-3 Krusel Battling Game – U18 F

Key Points:
Battle for loose pucks, screen the goalie, shot passes, cycle, man on man, tie up sticks, tip, low zone play. Keep score and play from 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3 low in the zone.

1. Line up with the face-off dots and 1 to 3 players race for a loose puck the coach shoots in.
2. Pass to the point to transition to offense.
3. Point player must shoot or pass within 2 seconds and plays low on the next coach shoot in.
4. Play 30’ shifts and pass to the coach on the whistle.
5. If a point pass goes out the other point-man gets the puck.

*Players must race to get onside before the next puck is shot in.

*Players at the point can pass or shoot but they can’t go in.

*Keep score and add rules like goals must be on one touch shots, or give and go plays, etc..

*This is the favorite game for some of the pro players I have coached over the years.

*Coach can use this game to teach many things on both O and D. Here coach teaches attackers to support player at the point by being in a position to screen, one time or redirect a shot pass. Most offensive and defensive principles can be practiced with this game.

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By: TomM (offline)  Saturday, January 27 2018 @ 08:37 PM GMT  

DT100 - 1-1 D Join Rush-F Backtrack - U18 F

Key Points:

Defense line up in the Nzone on one side and forwards on the other side. Defense join the attack and the forward must backtrack and communicate with his defenseman who to cover in the defensive zone. One puck, zero whistles. Game not a drill so regroup on dump outs. Coaches talk to players when they come back to line up. Keep score. Progression from drill of 1-1 and support at other end on whistle. Options are to play 2-1 or send out 1 or 2 F or other combinations.


1. Red F1 attack 1-1 vs. the Black D1.
2. Red D1 follow the play when puck crosses red line and support from the point.
3. Black F2 tag up at the far blue line and backtrack through the middle lane.
4. On turnover, frozen puck or goal Black D1 pass to Black F2 and join the rush.
5. Black F2 attack Red D1 and Red F1 backtrack to cover Black D1.
6. Black D2 follow and support the attack from the point.
7. Red F3 tag up and backtrack between the dots and cover Black D2 at the point.
8. Play 3-3 in the zone.
9. Breakout with Red F3 attacking Black D2.
10. Red D1 join the rush and Black F2 backtrack.
11. Continue this sequence.

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By: TomM (offline)  Friday, February 02 2018 @ 04:40 PM GMT  

PDF's of Drills Posted in

I have put the PDF's of the drills posted so far in folders on my One Drive.They are organized according to our coding system to make them easier to find. The first letter tells what the topic is and the number tells where on the ice the drill or game happens followed by the player level. i.e. B600 means it is an unopposed partner or team skill starting at the four blue lines. The drill is named and the group like Czech U20 tells which team is demonstrating.

There is a search function in One Drive.

A - Skating and Individual Skills

B - Partner and Team Skills with Zero Opposition

C - Game Situation Drills

D - Games to Teach the Game

DT - Transition Games to Practice Game Situations

E - Shootouts and Contests

F - On Ice Fitness Skating

G - Goalie Technique

O - Off-ice Training

T - Coach is teaching the activity.

T1 - Individual Offensive Skills.
T2 - Team Offensive skills
T3 - Individual Defensive Skills
T4 - Team Defensive Skills
T1-3 and T2-4 Combined!AukXg5gWoW-9g9AxrE6evhFCY7c5yg

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By: TomM (offline)  Thursday, February 08 2018 @ 03:52 PM GMT  

Pro, U20, Female and Youth Practice Ideas

Practice PDFs's

Pro Practice Ideas!AukXg5gWoW-9g9FxIoQg9qsvb3Fxtg

U20 Practice Ideas!AukXg5gWoW-9g8wHv179jYcLQpWvFw

Youth Hockey U18 and Younger Practice Ideas!AukXg5gWoW-9g90U9HLlZsKedVByZA

Female Hockey Practice Ideas!AukXg5gWoW-9g-Jp2pcrhorDJv01Ow


Jursinov Skill Video!AukXg5gWoW-9g5pW1gluqh3eAJikZw

U18 F Practice Video!AukXg5gWoW-9g8V-S1VOuFvH7IygvQ

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By: TomM (offline)  Friday, February 16 2018 @ 03:54 PM GMT  

A - Shooting and Puck Handling Stations - Youth

Key Points:

Practice the stationary slap shot then slap shot while skating. Work on taking one timers while moving, Pass within the puck handling motion using a wrist pass both forehand and backhand.


1. Goalies work with the coach at one end.
2. Take stationary slap shots then take turns taking 4 one timers.
3. Review rolling the wrist stickhandling then wrist pass within the motion with no noise.
4. Skate around the line up with a puck and shoot on the empty net from the top of circles.

B - Passing - Receiving Skills - Role 1-2

B – Passing Basics – Youth

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By: TomM (offline)  Saturday, February 17 2018 @ 05:07 PM GMT  

T3 - 2-2 Back Skate - No X-overs - Wally Kozak - U18 F

Key Points:

Stride backward with no cross overs at the start. Close the gap on a regroup. Use front to back arm action to help accelerate. Sit tall, head up, ride a horse.


1. Forwards in the corners and defense in the middle at one end.
2. 2 on 2 rush with the defense striding only skating backwards.
3. Forwards focus on speed and take a shot from the outside.
4. Forward start from the goal line and defense from the dot.
5. Come back through the middle lane.
6. Defense skate back between the dots and protect the middle.
7. All defense backward stride and focus on the north-south arm action.
8. On whistle forwards regroup and defense keep a tight gap protecting the middle.

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By: TomM (offline)  Wednesday, February 21 2018 @ 02:06 AM GMT  

T3 – Defensive Skating – Toe Caps Face Attacker – Mirroring – U18 - Wally Kozak

Key Points:

Defender must approach with toe caps facing the attacker using controlled skating. Always defend from the net side and a tight gap. Lead with the stick and use contact to restrict the attackers options.


1. Practice using the inside edges of both skates and then one skate at a time.
2. Go on ‘green’ and stop on ‘red’.
3. Practice moving all directions facing the attacker with the toe caps forward.
4. Skate sideways without crossing the legs.
5. Stay square to the attacker always staying on the defensive side.
6. Alternate stepping once each way and then twice each way.
7. Skate all four directions; forward, backward laterally each way.
8. All the players mirror the demonstrator.
9. Mirror partner, start slow and go fast on the whistle taking turns.
10. Everyone get a partner and alternate mirroring each other.
11. Mirror in all directions.

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By: TomM (offline)  Friday, February 23 2018 @ 05:29 PM GMT  

T1-2 - Breakout Escape Options - TJ - U18 F

Key Points:

Defenseman has to keep skating up ice with the puck or the forecheckers know your only option is to pass. Skate between the dots with the puck so you have many options. Skate up ice as long as you can to drive the forecheckers off the blue line into the neutral zone. To beat a checker skate in a 45 degree angle to the inside and then tight turn to the outside.


1. Goalie place the puck so the defenseman can either go behind or make a tight turn outside.
2. Start from the top of the circle with one player at the point to shoot and one screen goalie.
3. Coach pass to the goalie who places the puck for a defenseman to pick up.
4. Defense skate to the puck and ‘wheel’ behind the net and cut up ice near the post.
5. Skate between the dots to the top of the circle and pass to the point who shoots.
6. Sequence is breakout, shoot, screen then back to lineup.
7. Defenseman skate to the back of the net at a 45 degree angle then tight turn to the outside.
8. Make the forechecker x-over and then tight turn away from pressure.
9. Counter by drive skating to the back of the net, stop at the far post facing up ice and exit hard.
10. If forechecker comes from the wide side pass puck behind you, protect with your body and exit.
11. One forecheck and the puck carrier must read the rush and either, wheel, tight turn, counter.

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By: TomM (offline)  Saturday, February 24 2018 @ 05:00 PM GMT  

Youtube Drill Playlists

This link takes you to the playlists and all the hockey coaching videos I have posted on Youtube. You can sort them, search or find them in other ways.

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By: TomM (offline)  Friday, March 02 2018 @ 05:27 PM GMT  

Penalty Kill 'The Shrink'

Great example of pk using the shrink in Major Jr.

I think the video on here titled D Zone "Swarming" is a very important concept. We have spent a lot of time and focus on this with my junior team this year on the Penalty kill... we use the term "Shrink" which refers to a deliberate play on the PK when we can pressure the puck but don't have an opportunity to have an immediate clean 200 foot clear. As soon as the puck is stalled all 4 players swarm the puck or as we call it "shrink". What we have taught our players is that if you can't clear the puck stall it with 1 pinning the man in possession of the puck. The 2nd and 3rd PKers immediately move to seal both sides of the battle with the purpose of keeping the puck in the pile.... the PP player will likely be trying to move the puck out either side of the battle so the PK players 2 and 3 just keep pushing the puck back into the pile killing time unless they can get a clean clear (refs seem to be more and more reluctant to blow the whistle on these type of plays). PK player 4 moves in very tight so that when the puck becomes loose he is able to make a hard forehand clear down the ice.

I'm attaching a couple of examples of our team using this "shrink" on the PK.... since we started stressing this concept our PK has been much more effective.

Brad McKenzie

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By: TomM (offline)  Friday, March 02 2018 @ 07:24 PM GMT  

Links to Video of Individual and Team Offensive and Defensive Skills

A – Skating and Individual Skill Drills – Video Links

B - Passing Drills and Games - Updated

B - Partner and Team Skills

C - Game Situation Drills Starting with 1 on 1

D - Using the Game to Teach the Game

D - Using Games to Teach the Game – Two Digital Games Manuals

T1-3 – Teaching Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills - YouTube

T2–4 Team Play Instruction – YouTube

Practicing 1-1 - Drills and Games

Practicing 2-1 - Drills and Games

Practicing 2-2 - Drills and Games

Practicing 3-2 - Drills and Games

Practicing 3-3 - Drills and Games

ABC Hockey Drills on YouTube organized by category and skill.

YouTube Drill Playlists

Drill Section 15 Digital Manual and YouTube Video

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