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Diary of a Season 2022-23

Over the years some coaches like me to post our practices. So here we go again.

I have been coaching pro men, college men, pro women, college women, U18 AA, AAA, Boy's AA, A etc.since 2000.

I retired from my College W team and my son Jim was asked to coach a U13 AA girls' team. He said he would if I help as he is too busy to always be there. I like coaching with Jim so agreed to help him.

We have had one practice and parent meeting. Cassie Campbells' daughter is a F on the team and she has agreed to be an assistant coach in charge of the D. I bribed Melissa Kunzelman into coming once every two weeks to work with the goalies. Gaston has agreed to some skating sessions.

We only have one the other AA team goalie may come those practices.

We have 9 F, 6 D, 1 G.

Tonight we share the ice with the other AA team. Last practice was full ice. Not sure how many of each we will get.

Should be fun.

Team Inferno Red
Practice Plan
Date: 09-24-22 Time: 17:30-19:00 Arena: Erin Woods
Lines: Notes:
Passing Puck handling
Puck Dog game 3-3 compete game
Continuous 2-1 Team cheer
Puck Support 2” game

Inferno Red Practice
Date: 09-26-22 Time: 19:00-20:15 Arena: Fr. Bauer
Lines: Notes:
Two pass game x 2 Transition skate Shots from point
Breakout 1-0, 2-0, 3-0
Cross ice wrist passing Sprint skating
2 net game -Shot-Tip-Rebound Game
D200 - Bench Ball U13 Girls
Parent Meeting after

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Practice Plan 09-28-22 - Inferno Red
Date:09-28-22 Time:17:30-15:45 Venue: Max Bell
Lines: Notes:
Agility skating with puck and shots
Full ice passing-weave-shots-middle drive
D hinge
F1-F2-F3 rotate and shots
Transition game for puck support
Russian scrimmage – all situations
Fitness activity
Team cheer
Meeting on goal setting.

Inferno Red Practice Plan - 10-02-22
Time: 9:45-10:45 Venue: Winsport
Lines: Notes:
Two puck game
Regroup x 2 – Pass – 1-1 - Shot
Backchecking Game of 2-2
Offensive triangle
3-0 – 3-1 – 3-2 sequence
Meet in middle for cheer

Skating Coach - Dr. Gaston Schaeffer
Gaston couldn't make it but will come to another practice.
I met Gaston through my Finnish coaching friend Juuso who was coaching Davos in Switzerland and Gaston was the skating coach for all the teams including the pro's. Gaston was Swiss champion, has a Doctorate in Biomechanics, 4 years he travelled the world as a feature skater for Ice Capades and Holiday on Ice. He currently lives in Okotoks with his wife Beatae.
He will show the players an edges warm up they can do every time they step on the ice, as well as principles of striding.

Something for the players to watch from Kim McCullagh a former National team player.

Teaching Physicality in Female Hockey 52 mins.

Kim's provides ideas to develop contact confidence with Female players so they may gain and keep possession of the puck.The players and their parents appreciate the benefit of using body contact to protect and possess the puck. Kim's practice and game video of players at all ages teach importance of contact when you have puck. The sharks compliment Kim for sharing her ideas and discuss the similarity with male hockey. Body checking / Hitting is allowed the Bantam level. Kim's progressions will help boys and girls be more prepared to handle physicality at higher levels.


After watching yesterday's practices I am sharing some video links that I would consider after watching.

Proper Top hand Stick Grip 30 secs

Teaching Wrist Roll for ..15 secs.

U 6 - Getting a Right Start for Puck Control - 2 min 30

Teaching Breakaway Skating -1 min. 1 min.

I hand on stick . Push it ahead - FH BH palm up palm down

Great players are faster with the puck than without it. They keep puck in front of them. It does not slow them up. They accelerate with deep knee bend (90 degrees) and waist bend (45 degrees).

Proper Stick Length - 1 min 30 secs.

1. Box Support Drill - 1 min 30

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PRACTICE Plan 10-05-22 – Half Ice - No Goalie

1/ 10 minutes of warm up – skills/skating - Edges and balance skating without then with a puck - Jim

2/ 10 minutes - 5 groups of 3 partner pass across ice moving in figure 8's.

3/ 20' - 10 minutes x 2 - Cassie Teach Stick check – in pairs and stationary rotation of stick check – hips to hands/lift stick
Switch groups.
– Jim Passing game - one net. 4-4 all players must get a pass before scoring.

4/ 15 minutes – DZ work – coach points to corner and hash mark – 3 x once each line of 5.

5/ 10 minutes - 5-0 breakout x 2 from each corner.

6/ 15 minutes - 5-5 quick transition game with 3 lines of 5.

- Get pucks, Meet in middle for a cheer.

- Team meet with coaches and introduce themselves to Jim and assign players to prepare a pre-game warm up and dance.

MRC Pre Game Dance Warm up

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My hockey coaching page on facebook. I post ideas every day. Below are some practice ideas we will do.

Ice Hockey Coaching - Youth to Pro | Facebook

DT100 - Continuous 2-1 - 3-3 College W

C600 - Multiple One Touch Pass - 1-1 - College W

B500 - Overspeed 2-0 with a Pass – U18 W

MRC Pre Game Dance Warm up

B6 - Dizzy - Timing Around Circles Pass x 2 - College W

Lots of drill video examples

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Team Inferno Red Practice Plan - 10-15-22
Time: 12:30-1:30 Arena: Fr. Bauer
Lines: Notes:
2 goalies work with Melissa
Puck protection
Tomas NZ 2-2 RG and Forecheck
4 blue line pass and shoot
D RG and Pass x 2 D
D Read rush 1-1 , 2-2, 3-1
Full ice transition 2-1 to 3-3
Stick on stick checking
3 shots starting in corner

Team Inferno Red Practice Plan 10-16-22
Time: 17:30-18:30 Arena: Frank McCool
Lines: Notes:
Agility skating, shots
Passing and puck handling
Intro to overload power play
Goaltending practice
Cross and drop – catch and release shot
Transition Game – quick attack – backcheck
Game with regroups and puck support

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Inferno Red Practice Plan: 10-19-22
Time: 19”00-20’00 Arena: East Calgary
Tight turn with fake
Big Moves 4 lines and shot
3 lane shots
Puck Protection
Stick on puck
Power play game
Dzone 5-5 Defender sticks upside down
Pearn 5-5 rotation

Inferno Red Practice Plan 10-20-22 Time: 20:00-21:30

Arena: East Calgary
3 lane shots
Shots walking out of corner
Specialty team scrimmage
Luhowy passing sequence cross ice
10’ each PP
10’ 5 on 5
Tomas 5 passes in each zone then 10 passes

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Inferno Red Practice Plan Date: 10-22-22 12:15-13:45
Venue: East Calgary
Two pass with escape moves
Small horsehoe
Mel goalie 15’ each
Breakouts 5-0 x 2 – 3-2 back – many options
Continuous 2-2 Regroup – Tomas
Full ice 5-5 – One pass in each zone
Continuous 2-1 transition game
10 puck shootout
Wally meet with parents to create team goals

Inferno Red Practice Plan Date: 10-25-22

Players all wore a Smart Skate Sensor to analyze stride and effort.

10' - Partner Passing - forehand and backhand.

10' - Skate 3 circles facing the inside both forward and backward.

10' - Figure eight cross ice passing with pivots and backhand added.

10 – 3 v 2 down low
Players will line up along ringette line, black on one side and white on other to keep puck in and establish borders on play area.
5 or 6 pucks will be with coach in case of goals or lost pucks.
3 offensive players line up on left or right side.
2 defensive players line up on D side with sticks upside down.
Puck passed from coach to offensive team and they have 30 seconds to score. Puck must be played below goalline before any shots taken.
White on offense first, black second, each team gets 8 opportunities and we keep score.

10 – In zone puck carrying
5’ all players carry a puck simultaneously, accelerate on the whistle
5’ blacks and whites alternate, with one group carrying pucks and skating around while other group is stationary
-slide puck behind stick
-toe drags

Meanwhile… Net moved to neutral zone during this part and goalie works on:
5’ catching shots in her glove and pass back to coach
5’ coach dumps bouncing pucks at net, goalie come out to meet on bounce, cover puck then pass to coach

10’ Elimination Game One Zone
Players line up at neutral zone dots.
Start with 3v3
If Black scores they can choose to add a Black Player or Remove a White player
Players change on their own.
First team to lose all players wins.

15' Instead of the Elimination Game the other team joined us and we did some Russian Big Moves and played two games of Puck Dog.

Inferno Practice 10-25-22 - YouTube Video

Inferno vs McKnight 10-27-22

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Inferno Red Practice Plan 10-29-22 - 19:00-20:15
Venue: Seton
Notes: Players wear device to measure stride and activity.
-Two Pass with escape moves
-Agility, balance, 3 shots, 3 passes
-Carolina 2-0 1 3-0 Pass-follow pass-shot
-Neutral zone regroup and forecheck-Tomas
-Rush recognition 1-1, 2-1- or 3-1 -
-Full ice game with at one pass each zone
-Two shot shootout and skate

Inferno Game 11-03-22
We played really well and outplayed them but got out scored. Our best passing game so far and we dominated the shots 38-20. We completed 45 passes and will use this as a baseline for other games.

Practice 11-04-22
Jim was sick so Cassie, Gaston and I with 14 skaters and two guest goalies.
10' - Machine gun passing full ice - some players struggled with the flow.
10' - Canadian Women Team flow passing. - Again some struggled. I should only try one new thing per practice.
20' x 2 - Gaston take half the skaters for stride improvement.
20' x 2 - Cassie-Tom the other group with two goalies.
10' - Two nets on goal line. F pass to D and screen goalie. D drag and shoot. D both nets at same time.
10' - Group A play 4-4 with two nets on goal line. Rule - must make two passes before you can score.
10' - Group B we changed the game to cross ice 2-2 with one Joker from each team behind nets. Rule - must pass to a Joker to be on offense. It went much better that the first game.
15' - Full ice 5-5 change on their own. Rule - one pass in each zone and must make an escape move to beat one defender before passing. Last 5' played everyone 7-7 to avoid players being stuck on the bench.

It wasn't as good as most of our practices but we really need to get the D to drag and shoot and the F to screen. Scorched ice data shows that some players have faults in their stride and Gaston worked on that. Our identity is to move the puck and every game worked on getting open, moving to space and making plays.

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Inferno Practice Plan Date: 11-7-22 Time:19:00-20:00 Venue: Max Bell
9 skater – zero goalies
1-1, 2-1, 2-2
Agility, balance, edges, shot, pass
Neutral zone regroup – Puck Suuuport Puck support and passing
Three player weave
Three Player weave and regroup
Three second full ice game.

Inferno 11-6-22 Game
We didn't play as well in this game. Had a really strong first and the second and third were about even. We made 32 passes and last game was 45. Outshot them 34-25 They tied it 3-3 with 14" left when we didn't get the puck over the blue line. We were one F and one D short and an affiliate goalie.


We have had quite a few games and practices the last few weeks. We have continued to work on passing.
3-0 Weave
2-0 - 3-0 Carolina Weave
Cross ice passing with balls and pucks
Canada passing sequence
Machine Gun
Shots in three lanes starting at the red line
D drag and shoot while F screen
Two pass with modified rules like make and escape move
Quick transition 3-3 game
1 vs 1 vs 1
Krusel 3-3 battling game
Full ice game with one pass in each zone
Full ice game 3" only with the puck
Group passing in each zone
2-2 keepaway and then 2 join
Elimination game in one zone.

League Games - We have played the top two teams the last game and played really well. 1-1 and 1-2. It shows we can play with anyone.
Inferno Game 11-03-22

Inferno 11-6-22 Game

Inferno Game 11-10-22

Inferno Game 11-18-22

November 25 Practice
Focus was on individual defensive skill. Melissa was there to work with Peyton for 20' and help with the drills and games. Playing from the net out with tight gaps is main principle of defending. We have to go from Puck Focus to net side focus and the players struggled with the concept. Really important if they want to move to higher levels.

B202 Pass to All Players - U18 F

B600 - Continuous 2-2 Regroup – Tomas

B600 - Multiple One Touch Passes 1-1 x 2 – U18 F


Handicap Horseshoe
T3 – Defensive 1-1 Sequence – Wally Kozak – U18 F


T4 - 3-3. Defender No Sticks – College W

1-0 x 2 overspeed and a catch and release shot

DT400 3-3 Krusel Battling Game – Pro W

Nov. 26 practice
- Carolina 2-0 then 3-0 weave
- Cassie leads puck handling practice
- Four corner pass and shoot
- 1-1 attack then F backcheck and D join 1-1 attack at other end.
- Full ice 4-4 with at least one pass in each zone.
- Shootout - start with pass at centre and attacker go either way with checker chasing

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Wickfest Tournament

We are in a tournament now named after Hailey Wickenheiser. Cassie played on a line with her and was captain of the team.

Teams are really good and have a lot of strong individual players. After 4 games we are 1-2-1. I don't know if we are in the playoff round or not. There is a tie breaker formula after everyone has played.

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