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ABC Hockey School: Skating, Skills, Game Situation
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This is a video of a hockey school I ran for the college I coached at. We divided the ice using rink pads. Most of the time we divided into 4 areas with 2 nets at each. Sometimes the pads were down the middle and it gave 2 full length areas. The video had Gaston teaching little kids skating using balls and pucks to get the feel of weight transfer. John C with game reading skills playing vs 2 nets at once. I teach some skills and have the instructors demo. This is sad to see because the little blonde instructor in the grey sweats was killed in a car accident last winter.

The idea is to teach a skill with demo and drills and then put the skill or team play concept into a skill game, game reading game or transition game situation.

There is a lot of room on the ice if the coaches use their imagination. There are 35-40 kid's on the ice in this video.

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Monday, July 21 2008 @ 05:16 PM GMT
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Date Monday, July 21 2008 @ 05:16 PM GMT
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