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B3 Puck Handling Moves Around Body
B3 Puck Handling Moves Around Body
Key Points:
Make big moves, use fakes, keep your hands away from your body. The top hand does the finer moves and bottom hand slides up and down the stick in unison. Use all of the stick blade backhand and forehand. Hold the stick with the fingers and the little finger of the top hand makes small adjustments. Players mirror the moves the coach makes.
1.Yo-yo puck on the forehand and stick toe.
2.Toe drag puck across on the forehand.
3.Forehand toe drag + pull in, shift weight.
4.Circle in and out on the forehand.
5.Stick to skate and back all around body.
6.Back toe drag yo-yo then across body.
7.Circle the body with the puck and the stick.
8.Repeat all the moves skating around the zone and add escape moves like a tight turn and skating backward with the puck. 9.Players go full speed in chaos for 5".

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Date Tuesday, July 22 2008 @ 11:08 PM GMT
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