DT100 Continuous 1-1 with 85er's
DT100 Continuous 1-1 with 85er's

Key Points:
New players don't leave the line-up until the puck enters the offensive zone.
On dump outs no one change but go back and regroup with the same players. Changes occur when the puck is over the offensive blue line or controlled over the defensive blue line.
1. Attack 1-1 with D getting support from 1 F and F from one D.
2. Defending F1 cover the point.
3. New offensive D join and play point.
4. On transition attack 1-1 thru nzone.
5. Continue flow with new O and D support.
-Continue the flow of 1-1 in nzone and 2-2 at each end.
-Dump-ins and regroups can be added.

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Sunday, July 26 2009 @ 12:55 PM GMT
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Date Sunday, July 26 2009 @ 12:55 PM GMT
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Keywords pass, backcheck, breakout, Support, 1-1, regroup, point coverage, man on man, tihgt gaps
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