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T4 - D400 Penalty Killing Practice
Key Points:
Closest player must pressure the puck in straight lines from the net out. Skate back when the puck is passed. Stick on the ice in passing lanes and stick on the puck when checking. Do not get tied up. Block shots.
1. A powerplay and a penalty killing unit at each end of the ice.
2. The coach passes in a puck from the line or from a face off dot.
3. Controlled scrimmage where everyone stops on a whistle.
4. If the puck is frozen, a goal or it is cleared put in a new puck.
5. After about 45 seconds do the same thing from the other end while the pp and pk units switch at the original end.

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Media ID 20090806144359357  
Date Monday, June 03 2013 @ 06:02 PM GMT
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