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B2 Defenseman One Timers
B2 Defenseman One Timers
Key Points:
Start with easy soft passes to the wheelhouse and then give hard passes within reach that the player must adjust to. Either the coach or players can do the passing. With the players passing rotate to shooter after passing.
1. Pucks are in the middle near the blue line.
2. Coach or a player pass to a player who takes a one timer.
3. Keys are:
4. a. Windup - stick back early,
b. Force Production – bottom arm is straight and body rotate to the target.
c. Crucial instant - energy to a few inches, cm. behind the puck. Maintain contact with the ice as long as possible allowing the shaft of the stick to bend then project the puck.
d. Front knee and stick blade point to the net.
*Players can rotate pass-replace shooter-repeat the other side or else pass about 5 pucks in a row and then rotate.

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Date Thursday, June 19 2014 @ 04:02 PM GMT
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