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T2-4 D400 PK and PP Rotation-Detroit
T2-4 D400 PK and PP Rotation-Detroit
Key Points:
PK outnumber the PP on loose pucks in the corner. PK skate in straight lines. Always one pk denying the mid point and one in front. PP change the point of attack when outnumbered. Rotate the mid point player to the middle or the back door.
1. Start with everyone in position on the pp and pk.
2. If pk gets the puck start the pplay again from a different spot.
3. On the pplay either the puck or the player moves.
4. PK always lead with the stick on the puck and in passing lanes.
5. PP always give at least two easy outlets.
6. PP give low support when puck on half wall.
7. PK cut the ice in half and force passes that must beat two defenders.
8. Work at each end 30-60" rotate on whistle.
*Game situation: defenders shoot puck to other end.

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Media ID 20101206083505234  
Date Monday, June 03 2013 @ 03:40 PM GMT
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