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C3, 2 on 1 with Regoup-Major Jr
C3, 2-1 with Regroup - Major Junior U20

Key Points:
Pass hard and face the puck giving a good target. D pivot when they get the regroup pass. This sequence can be done in all situations from a 1-1 to a 3-2. It is probably the most common pro drill I have seen around the world.

1. F1 and F2 leave from both sides and regroup with the far D.
2. D1 pivot and pass to the forward while skating.
3. F1 pass across to the other F2 in the Nzone.
4. F’s regroup with the D2 at the other blue line.
5. D2 pivot and make a pass to F1.
6. F1 pass across to F2.
7. F’s attack 2-1 vs. D1.
8. Players leave from the other blueline and start the sequence again regrouping with D2. D3 join the play at the far blue line.

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Monday, December 13 2010 @ 10:57 AM GMT
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Media ID 20101213075703151  
Date Monday, December 13 2010 @ 10:57 AM GMT
Views 4126
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