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D400, 2 on 2 Jokers at the Point
DT400, 2 on 2-Jokers at Point
Key Points:
Players learn to move the puck from low to high. When the puck is at the point skills of Role 2 of getting open, screening on offense and Role 4 covering away from the puck, controlling sticks, sticks in the passing lane are practiced.
1. Spray paint a box just inside the point. Joker must stay in the box.
2. Coach shoots a puck in and the offensive team must make at least one pass before shooting.
3. On a turnover you must make at least one pass before taking a shot.
4. When the joker has the puck at the point defenders cover one attacker each-not the joker.
5. 20-25" shifts and come out hard on whistle.
6. Leave puck in zone on whistle.
7. Coach put in a new puck on goals or if the puck is shot out of the zone.

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Date Friday, January 07 2011 @ 12:26 PM GMT
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