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A2 Skating Warm-up for Edges and Balance
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A2 Skating Warm-up for Edges and Balance

Key Points:
Good players can move in all directions efficiently because they and use all edges and have great balance on the ice. Routines for skating, puck handling, shooting and passing are efficient ways for a coach to quickly review the foundation skills and allow the players to get a lot of reps and improve at their own rate.

A2 Formation - Players start at one end and skate to the other end.
- inside edges - out and in using a snowplow.
- inside edges - sculling one leg at a time on the inside edges.
- outside and inside edges - slalom with the skates together and a good knee bend.
- balance and edges - one length of the ice on each leg.
Repeat the same sequence but skate Backward.

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Media ID 20110726073836113  
Date Tuesday, July 26 2011 @ 12:38 PM GMT
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