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B500 Overspeed with a Pass
B500 Overspeed 2-0 with a Pass
Key Points:
Players must challenge themselves out of their comfort zone. Make as many moves as possible and continue until they have shot and looked for a rebound. Take the pass and shoot right away without over handling.
1. Line up along boards on one side.
2. Players 1 and 2 start on the goal line.
3. Players 3 and 4 leave and make moves at top speed.
4. Coach whistle every 7" and they players attack the net.
5.Closest attacker give and go with 1 or 2.
6. Second closest do a tight turn then give and go with 1 o 2.
7. With only one goalie go one way only.
8. After passing return to the back of the line.

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Tuesday, October 04 2011 @ 12:56 PM GMT
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Media ID 20111004075623113  
Date Tuesday, October 04 2011 @ 12:56 PM GMT
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