D4 Two Pass - only Forehand
D4 Two Pass Game with only Forehand Passes

Key Points:
This game causes a few things to happen. Transition from puck carrier to pass support, checking the puck carrier to covering away from the puck happen very quickly. The puck carrier must use pivoting, escape moves and puck protection skills to pass on the forehand and everyone must face the puck and give a target.

1. Players must stay inside the blueline and if they puck goes out the other team gets it.
2. Before scoring the offensive team must make at least two passes.
3. When the defenders regain the puck they must make at least two passes before a shot.
4. Make rules with skills for skating, shooting, passing or good habits.
In this game the rule is that you can only pass on the forehand. If a player does a back hand pass the other team gets the puck.

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Wednesday, October 05 2011 @ 11:49 PM GMT
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Date Wednesday, October 05 2011 @ 11:49 PM GMT
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Keywords transition, support, forehand, pivot, protect the puck, stick on stick, face the puck, give a target
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