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Tournament Practice
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Tournament Practice
We played a series of games: one zone, full ice and cross ice. Each game had technical or tactical skill the players had to do. We kept score in each game and talled the winner after.
B200 Transition skate shooting warm up
B5 Overspeed with a pass and shot
18’ Skating Games of 2 Pass
Keep score in 5 min games with 4 teams.
Game at each end x 3
-snowplow skating only
- flatfooted scootering only
-skating on one foot only
D100 King’s Score Rules with 3 teams
Losing team must change on the go. Scoring team pick up the puck and go the other way.
Keep score
10’ game
D100 King’s Score game with
Rule-at least one pass in each zone.
Kings Score Game
One pass ONLY in each zone
D200 King’s Score Rotation;
Scoring team must go behind the net with
the puck and the new team angle.
D200 Kings Score Rules
Both teams must go behind the net after a
goal. Scoring team get the puck out of the
net and go.
Shootout Race
One team on each dot. Keep score.
Losing teams skate down and back for every point behind leading team.
Win = 2 pts
Tie =1 pt
Loss = 0 pts.

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