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B600 Slovakia U20
B600 Regroup Passing Drills - Slovakia U20

1st Drill looks like a Double Regroup 1-0
1. X1 skates backwards towards center and receives pass from X2 in his original line.
2. X1 passes to X3 at far blueline and curls to support X3.
3. X3 one touch passes down the boards to X2.
4. X1 turns back and receives pass from X2.
5. X1 continues along the blueline and passes to X4.
6. X4 one touches to X5 at far blueline.
7. X5 passes to X1 coming tgrough NZ, X1 1-0.
Run from opposite corners at the same time

2nd Drill adds some more passes and a second skater to make in a 2-0 to 1-0.
1.To start the drill X1 skates toward the center circle, then turns to X2 at far blue line.
2. X2 passes to X1 who one touches back to X2.
3. X1 turns back towards original line and does one touch exchange with X3.
4. X1 comes across the blue line, gets a pass from X4.
5. X4 skates towards and behind X1.
6. X1 one touches or drop passes back to X4. X1 turns up the boards in position to support X4.
7. X4 turns up ice and passes back to X1. X1 1-0
8. X4 starts next rep by exchanging with X5 at far blue, then X6 in his original line etc ... continuous.

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Date Thursday, March 29 2012 @ 06:14 PM GMT
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