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T4 Penalty Kill vs Umbrella and Diamond
T4 - Penalty Kill vs. Diamond - Fall Under
Key Points:
Top two players I-up with the first player blocking the shot and the second player falls under. D block shots when the puck is on their side. Defenders never get tied up and skate in straight lines.
Defending vs. the Diamond 1-3-1
1. The power play gets the puck to mid point.
2. F1 get shin pads in front of the puck.
3. F2 fall under and cover middle attacker.
4. D1 release and block the shot.
5. D2 cover player in front.
Defending vs. the Umbrella
If it is a high umbrella and there isn't an attacker in the mid slot, then F2 can move to the side the puck is passed and block the shot.

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Sunday, June 02 2013 @ 05:05 AM GMT
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Media ID 20120521102728277  
Date Sunday, June 02 2013 @ 05:05 AM GMT
Views 3085
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