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C1- B600 1 on 1- U16 Boys
C1- B600 1 on 1- U16 Boys
Key Points:
Defender should close the gap using lateral and back skating keeping the stick on the puck and defensive side. Attacker use moves and fakes but skate at full speed and protect the puck always when within a stick length of the defender.
1. Defense line up inside the middle circle in C1 formation.
2. Forwards line up at the four blue lines on the boards in B600 formation. White forwards get a pass from the white D and attack vs. the blue D.
3. Start with D1 at each end one touch passing back and forth with D2 at the front of each line.
4. F1 skate into the neutral zone and post up for a regroup pass from their D1 on each side.
5. After passing each D1 defends on the other side vs. the opposite team F1.
6. Finish the play with D1 maintaining D side and taking F1’s stick and F1 fighting for a rebound.
*A good habit to install is have D1 pass to a forward at the back of the line on either side, or a coach if he regains the puck. This gets them used to finishing the play.

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