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C1 2-0 Continuous Decision Making Breakout U22
C1 2-0 Continuous Decision Making Breakout U22
Key Points:
Give support on the wall and in the middle lane. On the wall face the puck and in the middle skate laterally giving the stick and skates as a target and be about a stride behind the movement of the player making the breakout pass. Player on the wall stay there unless the middle player crosses into your lane.
1. Players line up in the middle in the C1 formation with pucks at each end in the far corner.
2. Player two leave from each end and time getting open on the wall for a breakout pass from player one.
3. Player two shoot at the far end.
4. Player one make the breakout pass and then circle back to support the next breakout from the middle.
5. Player two shoot and get a new puck behind the net and make a breakout pass to either player one or player three who has left from the line-up in the middle.
6. The coach or else the player who wasn’t passed to cover one of the forwards breaking out and force the player making the pass to recongnize who is open for the pass.

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