G-B600 Goalie Pass and 1-0
G-B600 Goalie Pass and 1-0 U22
Key Points:
Hit the net so the goalie can make the save and then make a breakout pass. Give good targets on the wall and time with the other side so goalies have time to pass between shots.
1. Red 1 and Blue 1 leave toward far end.
2. Goalie at each end pass to 2 on boards.
3. Blue 2 pass to Red 1 and Red 2 pass to Blue 1.
4. Blue and Red 2's skate to the other end for a breakout pass.
5. Blue and Red 1's shoot on net from top of circles.
6, Red 3 pass to Blue 2 and Blue 3 pass to Red 2.
7. Continue rotation and then switch side after a few minutes.

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Monday, September 03 2012 @ 03:00 PM GMT
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Date Monday, September 03 2012 @ 03:00 PM GMT
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