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C3, 3-0 3-1, 3-2 Contest
C3, 3-0 3-1, 3-2 Contest

Key Points:
Forwards create 2-1 situations with close support and speed. One player always hard to the net on a middle drive on a shooting play and a wide drive if they are open. Headman the puck and move through the neutral zone quickly and make the first pass in the offensive zone early.
Defenders must talk and identify coverage. Protect the middle of the ice and only play the puck carrier if he is vulnerable. Give the shot from the outside. Jam the trailer with legs in the shooting lane and stick in the passing lane. It is critical to have tight gaps and not just back in.


Players are lined up along the boards in the C3 formation. Have 2 colours of jerseys and play one team vs the other if you have enough players. You can have D on one side and F on the other or they can wait on the side they will be playing.

1. Three forwards take a puck and attack 3-0. The attack is over when the puck is over the goal line. (unless the coach wants a cycle and a shot).
2. Use the same puck and go the other way attacking 3-1 vs a D from the other colour (coach puts in a new puck if there is a goal).
3. Attack 3-2 in the original direction.
4. Three F from the other coloured team attack 3-0 on the vacant end.
5. Repeat sequence.
6. Coach count how many goals the team scores in 6 min. (or another time.
7. Keep a record of how many goals were scored.
8. F can score on rebounds above the goal line.
9. Next time if the F’s score less goals the G and D win and if they score more goals the F win.

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