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D2 and D6 Variation Game Formations - D Modified Rules to Teach the Game
D2 and D6 Variation Game Formations - D Modified Rules to Teach the Game
Key Points:
This is an example of how to use multiple nets with groups that have mixed ability levels. In this ice session we had 3 cross ice games and then moved the net for one 2/3 ice and one 1/3 ice game happening at the same time. There were 3 different modified games and each had a purpose.

Description:Game One:
D2 - cross ice game with the rules there must be at least 2 passes but you have to beat a defender before passing.
Game Two - cross ice game D2 - Only 1 pass Allowed Receiver must score.
Game Three - D6 Variation 2 - Two Passes and All Must Score before you can score a second goal.
Game one encourages passing and getting open but in order to beat a defender you must skate away from them to open ice. This is the most important habit a player can have when they get the puck.
Game Two allows one pass, so a fake pass is an effective move. Theme of the practice is stickhandling and the pass receiver must make moves, dekes and protect the puck in order to score.
Game Three passing rule causes passing, getting open, covering away from the puck to happen. All must score forces everyone to participate hard and get open so they can score. It also requires the players to get their head up and do things like screen away from the puck.

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