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DT 2-4 Take Sticks - Pass to Point on Transition
DT 2-4 Gaining Position in the Slot
Key Points:
Offensive players fight for offensive side and to keep their stick free and defensive players fight for defensive side and to control the attackers sticks.
1. All players are in front of the net in two colours.
2. Start with the coach calling red offense and they try to get open and the blue cover them and control their stick.
3. Progress to 2 coaches at the point. One on each team. When they pass the players change roles o to d and d to o.
4. Play a game where the defenders must pass to their coach at the point to be on offense.
5. Offensive coach can shoot or pass.
5. Everyone stays within the dots and below the top of the circles.

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Date Wednesday, September 26 2012 @ 02:17 PM GMT
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