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C3-B600 2-1 x 2 - Pro
[b]C3-B600 2-1 x 2 - Pro[/b]

[u]Key Points:[/u]
Offense should attack with speed and force the D to make a decison early by the first play near the blue line. This allows for a secon play. D should delay the attack as much as possible and defend the most dangerous player allowing a bad angle shot.

1. Red D1 pass to Blue F1.
2. Blue F1 and F2 cross in the neurtal zone and attack Red D1 2 on 1.
3. Blue F1 and F2 continue until they score or the goalie freezes the puck.
4. Red D1 defend and pass to the coach when they get the puck.
5. As soon as the puck enters the offensive zone Blue D1 Pass to Red F1 who attack in the other direction with Red F2 vs. Blue D1.

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Thursday, October 18 2012 @ 01:39 PM GMT
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Media ID 20121018083929697  
Date Thursday, October 18 2012 @ 01:39 PM GMT
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Keywords 2-1, attack, defend, pass to coach, both ends
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