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DT100 1-1 D Join F Backcheck
DT100 Continuous 1 on 1 D - Join Attack F Backcheck
Key Points:
Forwards cover D and D cover F's. One D should join the attack to create triangles and one forward backcheck. Play tight gaps and attackers create 2 on 1's on the rush. Play 5-5 at each end.
1. Forwards line up on one side and defense on the other.
2. Start with a 1 on 1 attack Blue F1 vs. Red D1.
3. When the puck enters the zone defensive Red F1 support Red D1 and Blue D1 support Blue F1.
4. On transition Red D1 join new attack and Blue F1 backcheck
5. If the puck is dumped out with no possession the offensive team regroup and attack again.
6. Red F1-D1 now go 2 on 2 in the other direction vs. Blue D1-F1.
7. Blue F2 support Blue D1- F1 and Red D3 support attacking Red F1-D1.
8. This rotation continues with a 3-3 in each zone.

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Date Sunday, November 04 2012 @ 02:25 PM GMT
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