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B3 Partner Passing Technique - Finnish U20
B3 Partner Passing Technique - Finnish U20

Key Points:
Keep the hands away from the body and follow through at the target. On saucer passes the puck rolls from the heel to the middle of the stick. Receive with the stick square to the puck and hands away from the body.

1. Partners pass to each other.
2. Focus on the four phases of projection.
a. wind-up - bring the puck back.
b. force production - move it forward with the stick blade rotating heel to middle.
c. crucial instant - release with a snap of the wrist.
d. follow through - the stick blade follows the direction of the puck. Receive with stick square
3. When practicing the saucer pass have a target for it to land on. In the diagram try to drop the puck onto the red line.

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Media ID 2012112609115613  
Date Monday, November 26 2012 @ 03:11 PM GMT
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