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Pounce 1-3-1 Hard Trap Forecheck
Pounce 1-3-1 Hard Trap Forecheck
I want the LW and RD to be part of the forecheck on the attack. The LD is always on the strong side. Usually the C plays low in the dzone with the two D using man on and a box behind. If the LW ends up back there they switch after the initial rush. I also want back pressure all of the time.

My truth of hockey is.
- 2 in deep
- only pinch on the strong side when positive you will get the puck.
- lock the strong side boards on breakouts with the LW on one side and the RD on the other.
- 3 forecheck on the strong side. Left side the lw, c, rw and Right side the C-RW and RD.
- Backpressure all the way to the net.
- always tight gaps.
- angle off the back shoulder with the stick on the puck.
- check from the defensive side always.
- always 4 on the attack.
- tight 3 man triangle and a D high on the rush to the net.
- shoot when inside top of circles unless someone is wide open.
- always give the puck to someone in better position than you and keep it if you are in the best position.

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Sunday, December 30 2012 @ 04:56 AM GMT
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Media ID 20121229225643619  
Date Sunday, December 30 2012 @ 04:56 AM GMT
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