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C3 Continuous Backcheck 3-3 Czech U17
C3 Continuous Backcheck 3-3 Czech U17
Key Points:
Attack with speed. Defenseman communicate who the forwards should cover. Quickly change from offense to defense. Tie up sticks in the slot. D join the rush.
1. Start with BF1, BF2, BD1 in defensive position.
2. RD1 skate between dots to the big us and pass to RF1 or RF2 and follow the attack.
3. Blue players F1-F2-D1 defend the 3-3 rush.
4. Coach whistle when rush finished.
5. D2 start a new attack the other way while original attacker Red F1-F2-D1 defend.
6. Continue this 3-3 flow end to end.
** This flow can be continued in a one puck transition game with no whistles starting with passive then active support.

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Monday, December 31 2012 @ 10:31 PM GMT
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Media ID 20121231223139495  
Date Monday, December 31 2012 @ 10:31 PM GMT
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