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DT100 Continuous 1-1, D Join Attack
DT100 Continuous 1-1, D Join Attack
Key Points:
The defender make a pass and jump into the play right away. The new defender has to realize that it is a late developing 2-1 and the attackers must make a play early before the defenders get support.

a. Start with #2 attacking vs #1.
b. #3 support on defense and #4 support the attack.
c. After a goal or a defensive breakout #3 attack vs #4.
d. The original defender #1 join the attack (#2 return to the lineup when the puck crosses the blue line.) This creates a 2-1 in the neutral zone.
e. #5 and 6 join the play after the attack crosses the blue line and actively play a 3-2. #6 play the offensive point position.
f. After a goal or breakout continue the flow with 5 vs 6 and 4 joining the rush.

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