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DT100 2-2 With Cutbacks-Regroups in Nzone
DT100 2-2 With Cutbacks in Nzone
Key Points:
Attack with speed and create a gap by turning back and then up. Defenders must mirror the attackers to maintain a tight gap. Only use the 1-1 to teach the technique and the flow and then move to larger numbers to achieve a good work/rest ratio. 1-1 could be done on both sides and ten full ice for a 2-2 and up.
1. R1-R2 attack vs. B1-B2.
2. R3-R4 support when the puck crosses the red line.
3. R1-R2 cut back before crossing the blue line and B1-B2 keep a tight gap.
4. R3-R4 can shoot or pass within 1" but not go in deep. R1-R2 play low 2-2.
5. On transition B1-B2 attack R3-R4 and repeat sequence.
6. B3-B4 support from the line-up.
A. R1-R2 regroup with R3-R4.
B. Vary the situations with between 1 and 3 players supporting from the line-up.

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Wednesday, February 13 2013 @ 04:55 PM GMT
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Date Wednesday, February 13 2013 @ 04:55 PM GMT
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