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DT100 2-2 with Regroup
DT100 2-2 with Regroup

Key Points:
This transition game has active support from offensive jokers at the point and then the original defenders follow the attack and there is a regroup in the neutral zone before crossing the offensive blue line. Progress to the attacking team regroup with the original defenders on a whistle. Supporting point men stay at the point and only get the puck for one second before passing or shooting. they defend the breakout. Coach may or may not whistle.
If there is a turnover the defenders attack the other way vs. the two attackers.

1. Blue 1-2 attack vs. Red 1-2.
2. Blue 3-4 support the attack as active jokers at the point.
3. Jokers can shoot or pass but not go in deep.
4. On transition Red 1-2 attack vs. Blue 3-4 and Blue and Red 3-4 follow attack.
5. Red 1-2 regroup with Red 3-4.
6. Continue the rush R1-2 vs. B3-4.
7. R3-4 support as Jokers at the point.
8. Continue this sequence with Blue 5-6 supporting and regrouping with the next rush.

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Date Tuesday, February 26 2013 @ 03:11 PM GMT
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