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T2-4, D400 PP and PK 5-4 - Pro
T2-4 D400 Specialty Team Practice – Pro

Key Points:
Team is in two colours or four colours. Skate in straight lines from the net out when killing penalties and only laterally when checking the puck carrier. Sticks in the passing lanes, stick on the puck. Shin pads in front of the puck on shots. On the power play either the puck or player move and rotate positions away from the puck.

1. Half the team at each end and rotate between pp and pk when the play is at the other end.
2. Start with the coach spotting the puck or with a face-off.
3. The coach put in a new puck when the puck is out of play.
4. Practice all of the options with everyone getting shots.
5. Penalty killers rotate with a diamond vs. a diamond power play and a box when the puck is on the wall or low.
6. Power play create 2 on 1’s and one timer shots.
7. Penalty kill deny shots from the middle first and move to shooters on the sides.
8. This rotation can also be used to practice low zone even strength situations.

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Media ID 20130313091238819  
Date Wednesday, March 13 2013 @ 02:12 PM GMT
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