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T2 - D400 - Spread 2-1-2 Power Play 5 on 3 - Pro
T2 - D400 - Spread 2-1-2 Power Play 5 on 3 - Pro
Key Points:
Either the player or the puck moves. Set up on the off wing for one timers. Rotate positions. One touch passes, one timer shots, pouncing on rebounds produce goals.
1. Start with a face-off and allow the offense to win the draw.
2. Set up with two players just above the goal line, two at the top of the circles and one in the middle.
3. Point men can start on the strong side and cross to the off wing side to set a moving one timer.
4. The player in the middle should screen when the puck is at the point and slide back near the hash marks when the puck is low to set up for one timer and allow room for back door pass.
5. The key is to become a threat when you have the puck and switches and screens away from the puck.
6. Some teams have the two low players below the goal line. This causes the pk. to turn their backs and is very effective for setting up one timers and walk-outs.
7. Make passes that beat one defender or through seams to the other side for one timers.
8. Outwork the penalty killers.
9. The goal when practicing the PP is for a shot every 3 seconds. It is not keepaway. The purpose of a powerplay is to Produce Rebounds.

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