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B5-6 Pass x 3 Shoot-Rebound U17-U20
B5-6 Pass x 3 Shoot-Rebound U17-U20
Key Points:
Make hard passes, face the puck, sell the dekes at the tires, shoot and follow the shot.
1. Players start at the blue line, pass to the far corner and to the player in the middle.
2. Player one pass to player two in the corner.
3. Player two skate between the dots and pass back to player one.
4. Player one exchange passes with player two always facing the puck.
5. Player one deke around the tires.
6. Player one shoot and follow the shot and player two skate in looking for a rebound.
7. Rotate one to the corner, two to the middle circle and three to the blue line and repeat.

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Saturday, March 23 2013 @ 03:06 PM GMT
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Media ID 2013032310062819  
Date Saturday, March 23 2013 @ 03:06 PM GMT
Views 2921
Keywords pass, face the puck, give a target, deke, tires, shoot, rebound
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