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D2-4 SAG Variable Pucks and Rules
D2-4 Tournament Using Various Pucks and Ball
Key Points:
The different weights, size, hardness and bounce of the pucks and balls overload the nervous system to adapt stickhandling technique.
This tournament lasted 45 minutes with 9 x 5 minute games. Fun, skill and lots of skating, touches and exercise. Research has shown that cross ice games have 600% more puck touches than a full ice game.
1. Play two cross ice and one game with one goalie.
2. Games last 5 minutes then the same teams play in a different area.
3. After all have played in each area rotate who they play against.
4. Use different pucks and balls for the first two rounds and then play 1-1 where the defender regroups with the goalie before attacking or the point in the one net game.
5. Keep track of wins.

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