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A400 - Puck Handling - Pro
A400 - Puck Handling Skills 4 Lanes – Pro
Key Points:
Practice various puck handling moves or skating skills. Add shots at the end of the lanes or obstacles to go around, under, over or through.
4 Lane Flow
Players who start at the inside lanes go.
- inside to outside behind net to far outside and back inside and back to line.
Players who start in outside lanes go.
- outside to inside, behind net to inside the other way then far outside and back to line.
Mission Impossible
* You can also make this into “Mission Impossible” where the players do tasks like skating through obstacles, they must score, jump over, slide under, stickhandle through a maze of pucks etc. If they fail they must go back to where they started and do it again. You give a time limit and half go and half are judges.

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Monday, August 12 2013 @ 10:29 PM GMT
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Media ID 20130812222953884  
Date Monday, August 12 2013 @ 10:29 PM GMT
Views 1599
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