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C2 Angling 2-1 Wally
C2 Angling 2-1 Wally
Key Points:
Defender create an angle from inside to cut the ice in half, deflect the play wide, angle at the back of the inside shoulder with the stick on the puck and finish. Second checker mirror from a little behind.
1. Coach shoot the puck across the ice on the attacking teams half or dump it softly.
2. Red 1 race for the puck and attack the Blue net.
3. Blue 1 and 2 tag up at the blue line then arc slightly behind the puck carrier to cut the ice in half.
4. Blue 1 close the gap approaching toward the back shoulder with body on body and stick on the puck.
5. Blue 1 rub out Red 1 and Blue 2 pick up the puck.
6. Blue 1 and 2 attack the other way while Red 1 back checks.
7. Repeat with Blue 3 on offense vs. Red 1-2.

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Date Monday, September 02 2013 @ 05:44 PM GMT
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