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C3 - 2 on 1 Rush D Join - Defender Slide - Pro
C3 - 2 on 1 Rush D Join - Defender Slide – Pro
Key Points:
Attack 2 on 1, ‘One high one low, one fast one slow.’ Offense make the first play early to allow a second play. Forehand passes are the most effective, even when on the off wing (Gretzky did this). Defense delay the play as long as possible to create bad shooting angles and backcheckers to get there. Defense slide outside the post if the attacker is deep. On the 3 on 1 don’t slide but stay in the middle, delay the play and jam the trailer if the attack is deep.
1. D wheel around the net from the corner and pass to F1 or F2 cutting across.
2. D join the attack.
3. Repeat the other way with RD2 passing to RF1-2
4. In this video example the D slides when the attack is deep. They are not passing to the D the first half of the video.
5. Last part of the video they can pass to the D so it is a 3-1 and the D stay on their feet and jam the trailer pass and deny the pass across.

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Saturday, September 21 2013 @ 03:09 PM GMT
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Media ID 20130921150949600  
Date Saturday, September 21 2013 @ 03:09 PM GMT
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