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T2 B6 3-0 Attack Options - Middle Drive - Pro
T2 B6 3-0 Attack Options - Middle Drive - Pro
Key Points:
Go hard to the net without the puck with the stick ready for rebounds or deflections. Stop at the net. Shoot low to the far pad to create rebounds. Attack with speed. Read whether the defense gives you the ice behind or in front of you.
1. Line up in three rows at the goal like and start with a puck from one side.
2. Pass to the middle then the far wing.
Option 1
Pass middle-wide-shoot from the wing.
Option 2
Pass middle-wide-cross inside and pass wide and enter wide then shoot from the wing.
Option 3
Read the defense has backed in. Gain the zone then cross and drop. Wide wing to the far post and middle player trail.
Option 4
Cross and drop in neutral zone and then pass to the wide wing. Middle drive and shoot.

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Media ID 2013092315445066  
Date Monday, September 23 2013 @ 03:44 PM GMT
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