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B600 Regroup, 3-0, Delay, Point Shot - Pro W
B600 Regroup, 3-0, Delay, Point Shot - Pro W

Key Points:

Skate hard and give a target. Pass and shoot while moving. D keep the head up when shooting. Do a tight turn on the delay.


1. Four D stand on the dots at each end and forwards on each side in the neutral zone.
2. F1 from each side regroup with the D at their end.
3. F2 from each side come down the boards to post up then join F1.
4. D1 pass to D2 at each end.
5. D2 pass to F1 in the middle lane and follow the attack to the point.
6. F1 pass to F2 who enters the zone wide while F1 goes to the net hard.
7. D1 at the opposite ends give passive resistance to F2.
8. F2 delay at the hash marks and pass to the point and go to the net.
9. D2 skate between the dots and shoot while F1 screens.
10. F1 and F2 play out the first rebound.

*Option One: Have a time limit for the drill and create a competition who can score the most and which goalies stop the most.
*Option Two: Instead of standing at the dots have the D skate to the top of the circles and chocktow turn back and then hinge before passing to F1.

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Date Tuesday, October 01 2013 @ 02:35 PM GMT
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