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B6 Breakout 1-0 Point Shot - Pro
B6 Breakout 1-0 Point Shot - Pro

Key Points:

Quick feet, give a target, choctow turn front to back, pass hard, shoot and follow the shot for a rebound, pass and follow the pass, screen, low point shot.


1. Defense skate forward from the blue line up to the red line and then chocktow turn backward.
2. Forward leave from the corner and skate around the top the circle and below the other circle then hard up the ice.
3. D get a pass from a forward in the corner and quickly turn up ice and pass to the breaking forward.
4. Forward skate in and shoot and the D follow to the point.
5. Forward look for the rebound and then pick up a puck near the net and pass to the D.
6. D take a point shot and the F screen.
7. F and D stay at that end to go the other way.

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Saturday, October 05 2013 @ 02:15 PM GMT
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Media ID 20131004161921638  
Date Saturday, October 05 2013 @ 02:15 PM GMT
Views 1053
Keywords quick feet, give a target, chocktow turn, pass, shoot, rebound, screen, point shot. pass and follow pass
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