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DT400 3-3 Krusel Battling Game - ProW
DT400 3-3 Krusel Battling Game - ProW
Key Points:
Transition happens when the defending team passes to their team mate at the point.
The players must go from offense to defense when the puck is passed to the point and
give support on both offense and defense.
1. Players line up behind the blueline in teams.
2. Coach shoots the puck in and any number from1 to 3 players on each team
battle for possession.
3. The team that gains possession of the puck is on offense and tries to score.
4. The defending team must pass to their player at the point to be on offense.
5. Player at the point must shoot or pass within one second. He can’t skate in and
6. Play shifts of 30” and pass to the coach and hustle outside the blue line on the
coaches whistle.
7. The coach dumps a new puck in for the next group.

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Tuesday, October 08 2013 @ 03:07 PM GMT
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Date Tuesday, October 08 2013 @ 03:07 PM GMT
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