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G - 2-0 Walk-out or Pass-out ProW
G - 2-0 Walk-out or Pass-out ProW

Key Points:

Walk-out or pass out from the goal line. Goalie must be aware of the shooter and the high player. Primary job is to stop the first shot in a balanced position so you can move to react to a rebound or for a one timer.

1. Start with one player at the top of the circle and one on the goal line.
2. The high player has the puck and passes low then heads to the net.
3. The low player may walk out and shoot or pass.
4. Only one pass is allowed in this drill.
5. Both players crash the net for a rebound.
6. Goalie stay square to the puck in a balanced position at all times.

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Media ID 20131010135337484  
Date Thursday, October 10 2013 @ 01:53 PM GMT
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