C3 Regroup 2 on 1 - Pro W
C3 Regroup 2 on 1 - Pro W
Key Points:
One high one low, one fast one slow. Make the first pass early. Pass on the forehand is preferable. Shoot and crash the net. D deny a breakaway and allow the poorest shot possible. Take the stick of the wide player after the shot. It is really a 2-2 D+G.
1. Start from the four blue lines.
2. F1 leave with the puck and cross and drop to F2.
3. F2 pass back to D1 who skates up ice and pass to F1 or F2.
4. F1-F2 attack 2-1 vs. D2 and D1 follow to the far blue line.
5. F3 and F4 repeat the other way and attack 2-1 vs. D1.
6. Continue this flow end to end.

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Wednesday, January 15 2014 @ 03:43 AM GMT
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Date Wednesday, January 15 2014 @ 03:43 AM GMT
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Keywords 2-1, 2 on 1, cross and drop, regroup, neutral zone.
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