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B Finnish U17 Skill Warm-up
B Skills Warm up Finnish U17
Key Points:
This is a great way to warm everyone up at the start of a practice. Defense do the various breakout options and read where the pressure is coming from. Pass the puck back to the coach and move thru everyone. Forwards pass with good technique and eye contact. Goalie coach work on technique and rebound control.
A. Defense work with two doing breakout options vs one forechecker.
B. Forwards lines of 3 work in the neutral zone.
1 - Stationary pass with eye contact.
2 - Pass while moving always face puck.
3 - #8 around partners give and go.
4 - Keepaway 2-1 in four areas.
5 - Two lines move and pass to other two lines on the blue line.
6 - Two lines of 3 pass while skating on one side of the neutral zone.
C. Goalies work with coach at one end.

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Friday, January 31 2014 @ 10:10 PM GMT
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Date Friday, January 31 2014 @ 10:10 PM GMT
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