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D100 Two 1 on 1 Games at Once
D100 Two 1 on 1 Games at Once

Key Points:
One coach should watch that the players won’t collide. It is important to look behind and for the player with the puck to skate away from oncoming players. This is a great game for 1-1 and conditioning.

1. Players line up along the boards one group on each side of the red stripe.
2. One player of each team leave every 15”.
3. Coach blow whistle each 15” and players play for 2 whistles (30”)
4. Pass to a teammate when the second whistle blows.
5. Only two pucks on the ice and get the puck out of the net after a goal.
6. After scoring touch the red line before defending.
7. Keep score.

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Date Tuesday, June 17 2014 @ 12:14 AM GMT
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