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B4 1-0 Outside-Middle Shots - Pro 2
B4 1-0 Outside-Middle Shots - Pro 2
Key Points:
Keep skating, give a target and pass hard and pass while moving. Hit the net and follow the shot. Rebound for the next shooter.
1. All players and pucks are in the middle.
2. One player leave from each side.
3. Player 2 pass to player 1 who circles between the red and blue line.
4. Player 1 skate in and shoot after the third pass.
5. After shooting player 1 circle back and rebound for the next shooter.
6. Alternate sides and player 3 leaves after the first pass.
7. Circle left and right so shots come from both in the middle and the outside lanes.

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Sunday, July 06 2014 @ 08:36 PM GMT
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Media ID 20140706153625664  
Date Sunday, July 06 2014 @ 08:36 PM GMT
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